Babcock has 140 emergency medical service (EMS) bases across Europe and Australia and although each base has its own unique management according to customer requirements and differing service provisions, three things unite all Babcock bases: a focus on safe operations, a dedication to providing the best life-saving services and an attitude of improvement wherever possible.

Jean-Jacques Malapelle, Base Manager and seasoned helicopter pilot (boasting 34 years’ of experience) for our EMS SAMU 64A base in Bayonne, leads a team of two pilots, three technical crew members (TCMs) and one engineer. From his office located in the heart of the hospital, Jean-Jacques manages his team and the coordination of their missions so that aircraft and aircrew are ready to take off within 10 minutes of being notified that an emergency needs aerial services.

Jean-Jacques and his team are not unique in being embedded within the customer’s operations; Babcock often works alongside customer operations in the same base or runs the entirety of the EMS operation on behalf of the customer. Our EMS operations benefit from the collective knowledge of our other aerial emergency services (firefighting and search and rescue) and employees are able to reach back within the organisation to their counterparts in different countries and areas of the business, providing a valuable resource for our employees to skill-share, discuss best practice and analyse previous missions to inform future ones.

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