Vehicle Mechanic Apprentice

  • Name:Thomas Baldwin-Sykes
  • Location:Catterick Garrison
  • Sector:Land

What is your current role?

Apprentice Vehicle Mechanic

What GCSE’s did you take at school?

Maths, Science, Additional Science, Resistant Materials, Electronics, Business Studies, RE, English and ICT.

What were you interested in growing up and did this impact your choice in becoming an apprentice/graduate?

I’ve always been interested in how things work and how to repair them – as I got older I continued to keep this interest. As I gained a more complex understanding of engineering, I came to the conclusion that my preferred field within the vast variety of roles is mechanical engineering. This is what helped me to decide that I should pursue the vocational qualifications.

What’s your favourite thing about working for Babcock?

The uniqueness of the equipment with which I get to have hands on experience. It ranges from old to new, and small vehicles to armoured personnel carriers. Every day as an apprentice is full of new interesting jobs.

Where do you want to take your career within Babcock?

I enjoy where I work now but have ambitions of promoting through the ranks within Babcock. Given the opportunity I would like to move into the engineering department to gain further experience prior to embarking on a degree course. My ultimate goal is to gain chartered status working for Babcock.

What would your advice be to school students choosing GCSEs and thinking of options for the future?

Stem qualifications are the most important and lead to the most diverse job roles; you begin by learning maths and sciences, then from there you’ll quickly begin to see areas that specifically interest you. These are what you should focus on and allow your curiosity to get the better of you. Constantly question and find out why, when you’re doing something. As you progress to further education you will benefit from a more in-depth knowledge of what you’re doing and how you could improve it.