ESG Investor FAQ’s

We do not make, deal in or maintain nuclear weapons

We do, however, own and operate critical infrastructure and have technical knowledge of the defence nuclear market. We provide maintenance and throughlife support for the UK’s fleet of nuclear powered submarines

Our product offering includes the build and assembly of the missile launch tubes for the common missile compartment on the US and UK nuclear deterrent submarine replacement programme

Work related to these areas represented approximately 20% of FY21 Group revenue

We do not make or deal in other weapons

We do, however, design and manufacture weapons handling and launch systems for international naval platforms used by the UK, Spain, Korea and Australia

We also have a contract to maintain the UK Royal Navy’s naval weaponry

Work related to these areas represented approximately 2% of FY21 Group revenue

Yes, nuclear power provides a reliable source of low-carbon electricity and is a critical component of countries’ energy strategies as they move towards net zero carbon

Our civil nuclear business is involved in new build, power generation support, fuel route management and decommissioning in the UK nuclear market

We also use technical knowledge and reference cases to undertake consultancy work in Canada and Japan, albeit at a small volume currently

Work related to these areas represented approximately 4% of FY21 Group revenue

Yes. Following our review of the Company’s strategy and operating model, we have confirmed that ESG remains a vital part of our business model. Not only do we report on TCFD, but our new Net Zero 2040 target is published alongside a route map to achieving our goals.

While we can be rated by many ESG indices, we actively cooperate and submit information and disclosures for rating by MSI, with a year-on-year improvement under the DJSI scoring system.