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Business Ethics

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Partial Disclosure

Total amount of monetary losses as a result of legal proceedings associated with incidents of corruption, bribery, and/or illicit international trade

For information on amount of monetary losses refer to page 179 of our Annual Report.


Partial Disclosure

Revenue from countries ranked in the “E” or “F” Band of Transparency International’s Government Defence Anti-Corruption Index

In FY22 Babcock didn’t have any significant revenue from countries ranked in the “E” or “F” band.

For more information please see Note 4 on page 187 in our Annual Report.


Partial Disclosure

Discussion of processes to manage business ethics risks throughout the value chain.

Anti-bribery and corruption risks are assessed and mitigated within our risk register process which is applied across the Group.

Our business units, Sectors and Group highlight their specific risks for this topic and comment on how they manage them and mitigate against them. All risks that are identified from the business units upwards are then reviewed on a quarterly basis by their management teams, then the Group risk function and the Group Executive Committee.

On an annual basis Sector and Function heads issue Letters of Representation which includes compliance with policies and procedures connected to Ethical risks. More information on Group risk management and risk assurance can be found in our Annual Report on pages 76.