ALC Case Study

Providing a wide range of support services

ALC Case Study

Providing a wide range of support services

We provide 2,200 construction vehicles with full logistics support on a global availability basis.

Providing a wide range of support services

The C Vehicle Capability PFI is a joint venture between Babcock and Amey Plc called ALC which holds the 15 year contract for managing the fleet.  

It provides the Ministry of Defence (MoD) with a wide range of construction and field mechanical handling equipment, operated largely by the Royal Engineers and the Royal Logistic Corps around the world.

The former MoD legacy fleet of some 4,000 assets was bought by ALC in 2005 and, with the exception of some specialist militarised equipment, was replaced with a significantly smaller, fleet of commercial specification. We provide support services to optimise fleet use in the face of constricting budgets, while maintaining operational capability.

Efficient management systems

The key service provided is whole fleet management – the meeting of military demand through global visibility of the fleet, provided through a management information system operating within the Defence Information Infrastructure.

In addition to allowing the whole fleet to be jointly managed by the Army, Navy and RAF as well as by ALC, this system also allows us to plan condition-based maintenance efficiently – essential to minimising equipment downtime.

Our services include:

  • Training plant operators and maintainers
  • Providing online and hard copy technical publications
  • Hiring commercial equipment to optimise the fleet holding
  • Providing spares and managing inventory
  • A dedicated 24-hour helpdesk.

In our equipment replacement and refurbishment programme (ERRP), we used innovative solutions to evaluate fleet requirements, including equipment outputs, impact on logistic burden and strategic mobility.

And throughout our supply chain, we’re always looking for better value on spares that can be provided whenever we need them, as all the cost of spares recorded as fitted to equipment, other than negligent and war damage, is at ALC’s cost.

We also need to be flexible enough to adopt new technologies when they come on board and integrate them into our supply system.

Better value for money

We’ve helped the MOD to reduce costs through better asset management and contract flexibility.

It’s led to greater efficiency and less downtime, backed by constant support and maintenance.

ALC continues to show it can meet the demands of the changing requirements while maintaining its focus on providing value for money.

Key facts:

  • Providing first line support 24/7, 365 days a year through a dedicated helpdesk
  • Reducing the fleet from 4,000 vehicles to around 2,200 to be more efficient
  • Our operational approach has ensured 99% fleet availability
  • Customer satisfaction of 90%
  • Using one truck type for all variants, reducing the support burden