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Training and Education 2016

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GRI 404-01

Partial Disclosure

Average hours of training per year per employee

  1. Average hours of training that the organization’s employees have undertaken during the reporting period, by:
    1. gender;
    2. employee category.

Within the Learning Management System, we provide an extensive Learning and Development offering to maintain and enhance the capability of our current workforce. This includes the tracking of a proportional investment in training hours per employee category dependant on the complexity of the role they undertake.

Omissions: Our system is not set up to record training hours per employee by gender.

GRI 404-02

Partial Disclosure

Programs for upgrading employee skills and transition assistance programs

  1. Type and scope of programs implemented and assistance provided to upgrade employee skills.
  2. Transition assistance programs provided to facilitate continued employability and the management of career endings resulting from retirement or termination of employment.

We have a range of interventions to support employees through various upskilling programmes. This includes a significant focus on Early Career Development including Apprentices and graduates and a range of further learning interventions to generate the require people capability. The approaches adopted are biased towards on the job learning but, where appropriate, also include more structed training and education interventions. Examples are provided below.

We offer various Management Development Programmes including our bespoke MBA with Strathclyde University and a senior leadership apprenticeship with Aston University.

STEM Returners – This programme supports professionals who would like to either transfer or return back into the industry. Our programme provides a mentoring scheme for advice and encouragement, along with refresher training for more technical skills and soft skill development to enhance confidence in their career.

Right Management – Out placement support was provided to help employees transition into new careers and opportunities through a combination of facilitated workshops, career coaching, self-directed learning and upskilling opportunities.

GRI 404-03

Partial Disclosure

Percentage of employees receiving regular performance and career development reviews

Percentage of total employees by gender and by employee category who received a regular performance and career development review during the reporting period.

19,092 employees receive a performance and development review through our HR system. In addition, a paper-based version is provided for all other employees who cannot access the electronic system.