Experts in aircraft engineering: meet Danilo and Giuseppe

Experts in aircraft engineering: meet Danilo and Giuseppe

Our engineers are experts on the various airframes they work on, often possessing more knowledge of the quirks and individualities each model can present over time than the original manufacturers. Babcock is proud of the engineers that give our organisation the collective expertise it possesses. Engineers like Danilo Costantini and Giuseppe Papaluca who, between them, have over 50 years’ of aircraft engineering experience (and over 30 years’ on the Canadair aircraft they maintain as part of our full service aerial firefighting contract with the Italian Government).

Danilo, Head of Line Maintenance, and Giuseppe, Aircraft Technician, lead a team of 10 engineers working at our Ciampino base in Rome, Italy. The team are the leading maintenance team for Canadair aircraft in the world, providing all the engineering support to the Italian Government’s Canadair fleet – the largest in the world. This fleet is used to fight fires across Italy and, occasionally, its neighbouring countries. Due to higher fire risks, the summer season is when Danilo and his team are at their busiest; often working at night, because the aircraft are used to fight fires during day. The team work tirelessly, performing their daily line maintenance checks and troubleshooting exercises to ensure the aircraft are safe to fly again the next day. Their work is vital in maintaining maximum aircraft availability so that we can protect as many communities as possible from the devastating effects of fires.

Babcock’s investment in supporting our engineering teams (with the latest technology, efficiency initiatives and highest levels of health and safety protocols) enables them to focus on the task at hand: ensuring the aircraft fleets we support are available to the customer exactly when they’re needed. Engineering is the backbone of Babcock’s business and we understand that each aircraft can present unique challenges so we’re proud that our engineers have the working knowledge to overcome them, getting the most out of our customers’ assets.

For instance, with the Canadair fleet, Danilo and Giuseppe explain that these firefighting aircraft require unique routine maintenance as the salt water they often scoop up to release over fires causes accelerated erosion to the underside of the air frame, the water container and sometimes the engine. The team have to be very thorough in their daily checks to ensure there are no lingering salt deposits that will cause damage and make the air frame unsafe; they use special cleaning fluids and freshwater to flush the engine before doing a final check in the unexpected areas they know deposits can sometimes hide.

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