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Babcock is both an employer of apprentices and a leading provider of apprentice programmes for customers across the engineering, technical and service sectors.

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Babcock is one of the UK’s largest providers of technical and service sector skills apprenticeships, supporting over 23,000 apprentices on programme at any one time.

We are also the largest provider of engineering apprenticeships in the UK, running programmes for world leaders in engineering including those in the automotive, civil nuclear, rail and energy industries, as well as the British Army and Emergency Services.

In addition to our technical and engineering training focus, we provide apprenticeship and vocational training for organisations across the retail, hospitality, active leisure, adult social care, business skills and early years care sectors. To find out more about our apprenticeships in these sectors please visit

Our apprenticeships are particularly valued by customers operating in complex and/or highly regulated environments, where safety is critical and training is vital to achieve a competent, compliance and safe workforce. Our mandate invariably extends to embedding an organisation’s values and behaviours, with our apprenticeships often including life skills programmes to develop truly rounded, workplace-ready individuals.

Our engineering and technical apprenticeships can be delivered through a strategic learning management service which includes the development, provision and ongoing management of fully contextualised training academies. Alternatively we can work hand-in-hand with customers to create solutions delivered at their own facilities or in the workplace, all designed to meet their specific requirements and provide them with the apprentices they need now and into the future.

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