Working With Us

Working at Babcock

As our business expands, the development of our people is a critical part of our business strategy. To underpin and sustain long‑term strategic growth, Babcock must ensure that it has the right people to be able and trusted to deliver to customers on technically complex, long‑term contracts, both today and in the future.

Our business arrangements require us to deliver services across an array of projects and assets. Our people need to have a range of experience, skills and competencies: engineering, management, technical, commercial, administrative and developmental, to name but a few. We recognise that it is the skills and commitment of our employees that define our uniqueness and our ability to deliver services to our customers.

We expect high standards of conduct from our suppliers in what they do for us and our customers and will not accept any behaviour contrary to our codes, including bribery, corruption and fraud, threats to health and safety, conflicts of interest or other improper practices.

We pre‑qualify suppliers for certain types of supply before admitting them to the supply chain, and this involves satisfying ourselves that they can meet our standards. Certain suppliers will be selected for audit and close monitoring based on risk assessment or supplier performance. Planned reviews of supply chain risk are undertaken by our businesses.