Cyber Intelligence and Security

We are trusted to deliver solutions for complex organisations with multiple and ever changing information and technology security needs. As the challenges posed by increased connectivity and a fast moving technical landscape increase, we have the expertise and insight to meet those challenges head on to deliver positive outcomes for our customers.

Safe and secure outcomes

Our specialist technical consultancy and cyber advisory services are aimed at helping organisations to meet their ever evolving information security challenges and address the growing cyber threat.

We are already working with a range of customers in Critical National Infrastructure, Government and Commercial sectors. Building on our technical engineering capabilities, depth of service and global presence we are trusted to anticipate and deliver cyber, intelligence and security services that deliver against the operational need, whilst looking towards the challenges of the future.

Intelligent advice

We work with organisations to best defend their people, property and data against cybersecurity threats – not simply by blocking them, but by delivering a greater understanding of who and what the threats are targeting, and where they are going next.

Through our combined cyber, security and intelligence expertise; with our engineering know-how, we are helping our customers to be more informed and secure through:

  • Developing effective cyber risk management and proactive defence strategies
  • Cyber risk assessments and compliance 
  • Security architecture and design
  • Evaluating the security of a product 
  • Bespoke security research
  • Training and user awareness
  • Intelligent support

Intelligence Support

Our specialist enabling services are backed up by a Project Office that delivers a range of engineering capabilities, from appliance testing through to delivering major capital projects including infrastructure and antennas.

Intelligent monitoring and protection

We help our customers to monitor and protect against current and future cyber threats – as well as designing and delivering proactive response and mitigation strategies. Our services include: 

  • Threat assessments, threat management and threat hunting 
  • Preparing for and responding to cyber incidents and breaches  
  • Network monitoring and forensics 
  • Testing and assurance, including penetrating testing and simulated targeted attacks

Our advanced security team has unparalleled secure access to international threat intelligence networks, expertise in constant protective monitoring through advanced security ops centre operations.

This means you can be confident that you are both informed by, and responsive to, targeted threats both now and in the future.

Intelligent transformation

Our customers are embracing an increasingly digital age. We are working with them to better future proof their security and intelligence needs as they transform their businesses.

With our breadth of analytics and intelligence capabilities we are enabling our customers to benefit from greater insight that is helping them to best plan, predict and protect – today and in the future.