Training Insight Model

The Training Insight Model (TIM) applies the learning from cutting-edge behavioural and bioscience insights in order to maximise soldiers’ efficiency and effectiveness.

Combining adaptive and machine learning, AI and biometric information, TIM creates personalised digital data pictures – informing targeted training interventions that optimise an individual’s performance and provides commanders with the insight to generate operational advantage.

TIM puts the soldier at the heart of data collection, utilising advanced technologies with underpinning bio-science models and academic analysis to objectively understand what factors will unlock their full potential.

It provides a real-time information-rich picture by which to assess soldier and team performance and deliver targeted training that will help them succeed. This includes the ability to ‘dial up’ or ‘dial down’ the exercise by responding to the insight generated. Bringing value to the training experience and maximising delivery of training objectives.

Among the many benefits of TIM are improved insight to inform decision making, an individual’s focus and alertness to potential threats, cognitive fatigue and overall stress scoring, and a dynamic competency scoring system.

These insights are also scalable – capable of delivering a broad view of the battlefield or drilling down into granular detail to extrapolate individual and group performance data that may be crucial for creating the right mixture of personnel for specialist teams.

TIM’s options, and its utility to defence training, are almost limitless.