The largest integrated service provider for education improvement and support services in the UK. Our mission is to improve outcomes for children and young people.

  • Supporting 450,000 children and young people every year
  • Working with 1,500 Schools and Academies
  • Partnering 50 Local Authorities

Babcock draws on a rich experience in education and training to provide support services to leaders in education, whether they are in early years’ provision, schools, academies, multi-academy trusts, local authorities or professional agencies.

Our partnership approach to working ensures the sustainability of education services. Education experts work collaboratively with headteachers, senior leaders and teaching staff to maximise the impact of raising educational standards through School Improvement support, whilst making sure disadvantaged and vulnerable learners are given the best opportunities to succeed. We also enable leaders to overcome challenges faced beyond the classroom, including support for HR, finance, asset management, strategic management of ICT and Safeguarding.

We are committed to:

Improving Schools & Settings: helping maximise the impact of raising standards, whilst ensuring the school or setting has the best learning environment to deliver the improved outcomes. We do this by providing continued access to cost-effective and quality-assured support for leadership and governance, teaching and learning and school and business support.

Safeguarding Children: helping ensure that partner organisations have the most appropriate safeguarding policies in place. This includes high quality training, support and expertise as well as certification services such as Online DBS.

Improving Outcomes for Disadvantaged and Vulnerable Learners: working with schools and settings to improve access and inclusion and helping support children and young people to overcome barriers to learning .

Babcock is the trusted partner of Surrey, Devon and Worcestershire County Councils and is their partner of choice for supporting all their schools and academies.

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