Arrowhead 140


Arrowhead is capable of fulfilling and supporting global maritime security requirements world-wide.

The design can accommodate a range of mission system configurations to meet specific operational and capability needs.

Based on an open system, the mission system manages a suite of sensors and associated communications to provide essential situational awareness, the ability to operate organic or off board assets and the ability to conduct offensive and defensive operations.

Planned to provide maximum capability, Babcock has optimised costs by using a proven, readily available and commercially based approach to classification, systems, equipment and structures. Furthermore, Arrowhead employs Babcock’s iFrigateTM technology to reduce through life support costs.


Arrowhead’s architecture can be configured to meet specific requirements.  This general purpose frigate has in-built design margins to accommodate a variety of equipment choices for a broad range of roles from low-threat security operations to task force deployments.


Flexibility is a core element of the Arrowhead design philosophy. With large re-configurable mission and payload areas on board, Arrowhead can provide flexibility across a range of operational roles, from HADRO (Humanitarian Aid and Disaster Relief Operations) to unmanned systems deployment and operation.