Babcock Learning Solutions brings expertise and experience in training and human factors consultancy to work hand-in-hand with organisations to design, develop and deliver sophisticated training solutions that meet real business needs. Click here for more information about our end to end learning capability.

Our clients include Aggreko, British Gas, Centrica, EDF Energy, National Grid, Royal School of Military Engineering, Saudi Aramco and Siemens.

We create efficient and cost-effective training outcomes by:

  • identifying and employing effective learning strategies and techniques
  • delivering safe, scenario-based training and assessment
  • offering easy tracking of learner progress and performance
  • recreating real-life scenarios without the traditionally-associated cost and dangers
  • deploying consistent training globally and in multiple languages.

We use the ADDIE Model as our framework to ensure that initial needs analysis feeds all the way through training design and implementation, thus ensuring that outcomes deliver against the identified objectives.

This consulting style approach enables us to partner with customers to solve human performance problems and together achieve measurable organisational performance improvements.
Technology is having a transformative impact on the design and delivery of training.  We have a wide variety of technology solutions from our acquisition of innovative learning technology provider Skills2Learn. 

These range from training programmes delivered across desktop and mobile devices, to virtual reality training, fully interactive and immersive 3D game-based desktop learning, and a revolutionary augmented reality application which provides a live view of a real-world environment. 
These training technologies are particularly valuable for industries working in complex and safety critical environments, especially those where the training itself is dangerous or difficult to deliver, for example engineers repairing wind turbines 80 metres up or technicians fixing power generation equipment.

Our training programmes are designed to allow organisations to effectively manage their learners, enabling learner flexibility to complete the training at their own pace. They also serve a track of training activity for those organisations where proof of compliance with standards is essential.

To understand how our complete end to end learning capability delivers improved performance and return on investment visit