API, a subsidiary of Babcock, designs, procures, operates and manages critical utility and process equipment for clients. As system integrators, we cover areas from Compressed Air, HVAC and Refrigeration to Energy and Cost Reduction programmes.

Vendor independent, we have the in-house capability to supply, support and ensure these commodities are fully optimised. We specialise in extending asset lifecycles, with criticality analysis and design out predictive engineering amongst our core capabilities.

For peace of mind, we also offer Total Responsibility Fixed Price contracting and we can deliver full 3rd party outsourced solutions.

Core Business Solutions

We specialise in the innovative field of integrating utilities into a single and simple solution. This includes Compressed Air, Refrigeration and Chilled Water, HVAC equipment, Building Services and a full in-house Project delivery capability.

Innovative Support

Solutions From Steel Works and Oil and Gas to Pharmaceuticals, we deliver a combined solution that enhances the security of supply of our customers’ critical assets.

  • Intelligent partnering
  • Fixed price contracting
  • Gain/Pain Share models
  • 3rd Party ownership options
  • Energy & improvement audits
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Life cycle extension plans
  • Savings glide path

Trusted to deliver

With a strong track-record in fluid dynamics, our Research and Development team has developed a unique system for the removal of liquids and remnants from pipework.

Our Vector Smart Recovery System is a patented micro vortex air purge Clean in Place (CIP) technology that can remove up to 99.9% of liquefied products by a non-invasive approach.

This is a non-obstructive solution that, unlike Effluent Treatment Plants (ETPs), tackles waste and losses at the outset of production.

With a mobile team of engineers and technicians, our API facility has the capability and expertise to design, procure, install and manage our integrated Air, Refrigeration, HVAC and also any CIP requirements – directly delivered and exclusively in-house.

Whatever equipment you have or require, our aim is to maximise the integrity, increase the reliability and provide a full cost-effective and energy centred solution with ‘no surprises’.