• UK and international warship through-life support: design, build, assemble, maintain, upgrade
  • International submarine through-life support
  • Energy and marine equipment and support
  • Global naval exports: ship design, military equipment and engineering support
  • Digital defence, communication and mission systems

As a leading provider of naval ship support and maintenance we design, build, assemble, maintain, and upgrade international warships, delivering throughlife support across the globe, ensuring that the UK Royal Navy and international navies go to sea safely.

We also support navies around the world through the delivery of complex ship and submarine sustainment programmes and deliver marine technology solutions to improve our customers’ complex, safety-critical operations alongside digital defence, communication, and mission systems.

It is this expertise and proximity to our customers and knowledge about their challenges and needs that allows us to develop key global export products and services such as ship design, military equipment and engineering support systems and programmes. Our energy and marine equipment and support capabilities allow us to future-proof our customers’ assets.

We deliver market leading, innovative technologies for the transport and management of gas and liquid fuels that can help reduce the shipping industry’s carbon emission burden.

Here are some examples of our work in this sector: