Bonga South West Aparo (BSWA) Pre-FEED Study

Bonga South West Aparo (BSWA) Pre-FEED Study

The Client

Shell is the leading international developer of large floating production and storage facilities. Babcock has worked very closely with Shell Trading and Shipping Company (STASCo) on a range of floating production projects over a 10 year period. Shell Nigeria Exploration and Production Company (SNEPCo) have recently chosen Babcock to assist them in their partnership with STASCo to develop the second FPSO on the BONGA field.

The Background

Over a period Babcock has completed the concept, feasibility and pre-FEED design studies for a new FPSO south west of the existing FPSO BONGA which will be called BSWA (Bonga South West Aparo). Babcock was responsible to STASCo for development of all the “Marine” aspects involving: Naval Architecture, Structural Engineering, Marine Engineering and Electrical/Controls Engineering.

The main aim of the project was to provide a comprehensive specification with suite of detailed guidance drawings that will allow Shipyards to tender for the hull build including the topsides equipment modules. The development of the highly detailed specifications and associated drawings will de-risk the tendering phase of the project, thereby giving STASCo consistency & continuity in reviewing tender submissions. Babcock will also to provide support throughout the ITT phase.

Technical Specification

The vessel will be 337m long, 65m wide and 37m deep and displaces approx. 560,000t. The topsides weigh 40,000t and the product storage capacity will be 2.5m 2.45 MMbbls. The vessel will be designed to operate permanently moored at the BSWA location for a minimum of 25 years without drydocking and with a fatigue design life of 40 years.

Naval Architecture

  • Dimensions and hull form
  • Technical specifications
  • Lightship and weight report
  • Intact and damage stability analysis
  • Topside accelerations for FPSO Tow
  • General arrangement and Deckhouse drawing
  • Chemical Hub arrangement drawings
  • Hazardous Area drawing
  • Topside/hull interfaces

Structural Design

  • Midships section
  • Riser, OOR and umbilical design
  • Riser protector design
  • Topside and flare boom support analysis and stool design
  • Peer Review support

Marine system design

  • Marine system technical specifications for all hull systems
  • Process Engineering Flow Scheme (PEFS) drawings for all hull systems
  • Hull systems design calculations, including tank heating and hull equipment cooling heat balance
  • HVAC study
  • Main deck pipe layout
  • Machinery room arrangements
  • HAZOP support

Electrical system design

  • Overall Single Line Diagram
  • Distribution Single Line Diagram
  • Electrical Load Analysis
  • Technical specification
  • Cable Calculations
  • General Arrangements Main Power Cable Routes
  • Switchboard Rooms/Control, Rooms/Navigation & Communications Rooms
  • Integrated Control and Safety System I/O Schedule
  • HAZOP support