• Complex engineering support to the entire UK nuclear submarine fleet, and to international navies
  • Management of critical national infrastructure
  • End-to-end engineering integration partnership for AWE deterrant production
  • UK civil nuclear new build, generation support and decommissioning projects
  • Growing international nuclear services portfolio

In defence, we sustain the entirety of the UK’s submarine fleet, including delivering through-life support and life extension of Vanguard, Trafalgar, and Astute classes. We support critical defence infrastructure upgrades, and we also manage two of the UK’s three naval bases (HMNB Clyde and HMNB Devonport).

We have supported the Continuous At Sea Deterrent for over 50 years with the largest nuclear-capable workforce of any UK contractor and a proven supply chain capability, we have an exceptional track record in the design, build, management and decommissioning of complex nuclear assets across UK defence.

Operating in the UK and internationally under the Cavendish Nuclear brand, we provide our civil nuclear customers with a comprehensive range of critical nuclear solutions.

From decommissioning nuclear facilities, through to supporting nuclear generation and new build, our role is to support our customers to deliver a future where nuclear is a key part of the energy solution.

We always start with our customers and provide smart answers. An international business, rooted in the UK, we bring a unique combination of availability, capability, and affordability, without compromise, every time.