London Fire Brigade Training

Saving London Fire Brigade a third of its training costs with innovative programmes

London Fire Brigade Training

Saving London Fire Brigade a third of its training costs with innovative programmes

We help London Fire Brigade (LFB) to train more firefighters than ever before, in less time, while making sure front line services remain effective.

Giving London’s firefighters the training they need

When the LFB approached us in 2008, they wanted us to provide fire and rescue training that would increase firefighters’ exposure to core skills at a manageable cost.

The new programme needed to make efficient use of existing resources, avoid future cost uncertainty and generate revenue for the service.

Flexible training for improved efficiency

Working with the LFB, we developed a comprehensive training service, providing management and infrastructure that exceeds the LFB’s objectives for the next 25 years.

It was vital that we met the needs of individuals, as well as the organisation, which meant increased training at evenings and weekends, and cutting the time delegates needed to travel to training sessions.

So we introduced a blended training solution, using technology and modern techniques to complement more traditional classroom and practical training sessions.

In addition, we invested £14m in two dedicated facilities for real fire training, as well as centres of excellence in urban search and rescue and incident command.

Alongside this, we spent £2m upgrading regional training facilities, which now provide local centres for firefighters to receive some of their training, minimising travel time.

First-class training with built-in cost saving

In the first year of operation alone, we delivered more training than had ever been achieved by the LFB. Which has meant that over 165 firefighters who were previously delivering training are now back to operations.

On top of providing a first class training service, we’re saving the LFB 33% a year on their training budget, inclusive of what we spent on new facilities.

Altogether, we provide a portfolio of more than 250 courses to almost 5,000 operational staff and 700 support staff every year totalling up to 25k training days per annum.

By fully managing the service, we’ve cut the time spent at training venues and by introducing a blended learning approach; we have cut the time spent at training venues. For example, the Firefighter Development Programme has been reduced from 17 weeks to 11 weeks. The use of online assessments, e-learning modules and digital libraries, as well as post-training workshops, all support workplace development.

As well as reviewing and improving existing courses, we have developed and delivered new training solutions. Our multi-agency Executive Leadership Programme draws together specialist sector knowledge with leadership development best practice, for the potential chief officers of the future.

‘Babcock has created the most innovative and fit-for-purpose leadership and management programme I have ever come across.’

Commissioner Ron Dobson CBE, QFSM FIFireE, London Fire Brigade

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