Babcock International is responding to the demands of our customers to deliver Optimised Engineering Support through the development of our proactive support model.

We have introduced a staged improvement project, ATHENA, to embed new processes, data analytics, modelling capabilities and technology improvements, initially into the Type 23 Life Extension Programme but it will also be rolling out to Amphibious and Sandown Classes.  

It integrates state of the art technology (CAPA) with new processes and people skills to make a step change improvement in the through life management of complex assets. 

Key outcomes are:  

  • Provides a real time view of material state
  • Enables objective risk analysis through the fusion of data sources, modelling and data science capability
  • Improves the quality of the work specifications and platform configuration and reduces upkeep growth
  • De-risks Maintenance Period Overrun (MPO) through improved planning
  • Provides a current and predictive status of asset capability, safety, programme and material state
  • Delivers a deployable configurable suite of mobile App technologies 
  • Enables a long term demand and supply planning  capability
  • Provides a dynamic survey team that is deployed worldwide to access material state information early