The Concept

Babcock’s blue light simulator is the result of an extensive R&D programme involving engineers, designers and expert trainers. It is the first simulator of its kind to be equipped with a 200-degree wrap around screen and haptic feedback from the controls, which together give those driving the simulator a completely immersive and intuitive experience.

Created to replicate the experience of driving a real fire engine, the concept can also be adapted to simulate any emergency response vehicle, and therefore used to train thousands of drivers.

The simulator will support traditional driver training already carried out by the Emergency Services, but because it takes place in a virtual environment and not on the road, it is completely safe and hazard-free. Babcock works in partnership with Emergency Services organisations, helping them adapt and transition to the changing landscape; developing the skills their blue light drivers need.

”Babcock will work with blue light drivers to ensure they are confident, compliant and confident to drive these vehicles safely at speed. By partnering with us, they’ll be training in a safe and hazard free environment.”

Alistair Cumming, Head of Training, Design & Development, Babcock Skills & Learning