Our strategy

Our purpose, to create a safe and secure world, together, defines our strategy.

We meet our customers’ key requirements of affordability, availability, and capability by delivering front line and equipment support, training, product design, manufacture and integration, and technology and systems to defence, security and civil markets.

We provide a range of support and product solutions.


Deliver tactical support and critical services to our defence and civil customers.

We provide through-life technical and engineering support for our customers’ assets, delivering improvements in performance, availability and programme cost.


Design, manufacture and integrate specialist systems.

We design and manufacture specialist defence and civil equipment, from ships and submarine components to liquid gas and weapons handling systems. We also provide integrated, technology-enabled solutions for secure communications, electronic warfare and air defence.

This helps our customers around the world to cost effectively improve the availability, affordability and capability of their most critical assets.

Our customers require high utilisation of complex assets, from ships and submarines to military and emergency services aircraft and vehicles. Our fleet support and sustainment models are increasingly geared to higher-value-add availability-based solutions designed to optimise asset utilisation and reduce lifetime costs.

Our customers are also demanding value for money on support programmes and new platforms. Our deep understanding of our customers’ needs, and our ability to bring suppliers and technologies together to deliver an integrated solution, enable us to provide the affordability and flexibility they require.

Our customers operate in complex and ever-changing environments, which drives a continual need to adapt and enhance capability. We apply our understanding of technology integration, infrastructure management and specialist training to improve their capability, whether it be through support or product solutions.

These capabilities are delivered by our 26,000 people through four operational Sectors

Our strategy

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Annual Report and Financial Statements 2023

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