The UK MoD Submarine Operating Centre performs a critical role in maintaining availability of the Royal Navy’s fleet of nuclear submarines. The overhaul and refit of a nuclear submarine is an enormously complex and lengthy programme, involving a range of industry and MOD parties.

Our Collaborative Working Environment (CWE) has been supporting UK MOD for almost 20 years, delivering improved collaboration and communication between all stakeholders involved in the refit process.

The service, incrementally expanded over time, helps to:

› Reduce support costs through the availability of key data sources
› Improve visibility of business performance through enhanced reporting
› Exploit data so that it can be entered once-used many times

Creation of a truly enterprise wide collaborative culture, this service helped reduce Vanguard submarine refit times by 70-80%, with cost savings amounting to more than £10m over a five year period.

The Submarine Collaborative Working Environment project has continued to deliver business transformation and cost savings – with savings amounting to over £28m.