Inclusion and Diversity

We strive to treat everyone at Babcock equally, both in the recruitment process and throughout their working life.

Valuing differences

We believe that making the most of the differences in our workforce is key to the success of our business. A diverse mix of individuals brings a wealth of experience and knowledge, which helps in solving complex problems and achieving our business goals.

So when you apply for a role at Babcock you’ll be assessed purely on merit, regardless of your age, gender, race, religious beliefs or background.

Respect and inclusion

We promote an environment that fosters dignity and respect through our Respect Working Groups and ‘Altogether different’ message, backed by our Respect and Inclusion Charter.

This explains our approach to ensuring respect, inclusion and success for all our employees and external stakeholders, including suppliers, customers and statutory bodies.

As members of WISE (Women Into Science and Engineering) we’re actively involved in a variety of initiatives to improve the workplace for women.

Ongoing learning opportunities

As a Babcock employee, you’ll be able to get support both in and out of work, through professional and personal learning and development.

You’ll also have the chance to get involved in local communities, working on projects that benefit local populations across the UK. Work with Babcock Find out how you could grow with Babcock. You can explore careers at Babcock on our Vacancies page, or register for Babcock job alerts to be sent relevant positions by email.

Inclusion and Diversity

This charter sets out the Babcock approach to ensuring respect, inclusion and success for all our employees and external stakeholders, to include suppliers, customers and statutory bodies.

The organisation will seek to ensure that: 

  • It fulfils all its legal requirements under Equality Legislation.
  • It fulfils its duty to make adjustments as far as reasonably practicable, to enable employees and all its stakeholders to have access and carry out their work and responsibilities.
  • All employees are aware of the value the organisation places upon respect  and inclusion, and that formal investigations may be taken in the event of any breach of policy.
  • Marketing and publicity materials present appropriate messages and are designed to respect all members of society.
  • It provides all stakeholders with a copy of its respect and inclusion policies and ensures that they understand their responsibilities and agree adherence to them whilst working with the organisation.
  • It has inclusive and open recruitment and selection, progression and development process to encourage employees and clients to develop and progress.

We will promote Respect and Inclusion by:

  • Actively promoting quality of opportunity and good relations between all sections of the business.
  • Promoting respect and inclusion throughout all operational activities.
  • Actively encouraging the participation of underrepresented groups in all the diverse activities of the organisation.
  • Ensuring service delivery, communications, actions, resources demonstrate sensitivity to issues of respect and are adapted as necessary.
  • Delivering and inclusive approach to celebrating success.
  • Reinforcing our commitment to respect and inclusion in our publicity material