Cargo Handling

Cargo Handling

Babcock cargo handling systems provide proven solutions that ease the challenge of on-board handling of cargo, munitions and provisions in a variety of load types and stores configurations, using our established handling technologies.

On-Board Automated Cargo Handling

The management of cargo on-board is currently a highly labour-intensive activity. In addition to the time taken to move cargo, the process of manually managing inventory is time-consuming and inefficient. Babcock cargo handling systems provides the benefit of mechanised systems delivering improved performance with minimal staff supervision.

Handling Management

Our solutions are controlled by Babcock’s Inventory Management Systems that provide real-time status of the equipment and its performance, whilst tracking all materials in, out and through the handling process, using barcode or radio frequency identification technologies.

From Concept to Solution

The concept for an automated solution to cargo and munitions handling was born from multiple scenario demands of navy and naval support vessels and a drive to safely optimise the personnel requirements of the cargo and munitions handling process.


Proven through demonstration to Sea State 6, the system has subsequently been developed to support the movement and stowage of a range of cargo (including weapons) to provide a flexible handling system that delivers high efficiency, availability, space utilisation and safety.

Container Handling

Our systems are designed to handle fully loaded containers, providing flexible modular storage.

Benefits of Mechanised Cargo Handling

The following benefits can be expected through the application of Babcock cargo handling techniques on-board:

Reduced Manning

Fewer personnel through automation reduce through-life costs and related services and support.

Safer to Operate

The stores and magazine spaces can be completely unmanned, and interlocks incorporated in the working areas – this provides the ability to remove certain risks completely.

Greater Stowage Density

System integrated compact drive units provides reduces wasted stowage space.

Low Maintenance – High Reliability

Proven technology, high levels of redundancy and simple, line-replaceable units, ensure a dependable system. Bulk movement also results in fewer system cycles.

Improved Inventory Control

Babcock Inventory Management System tracks all items in and out and maintains usage history.

Flexibility in Installation

Modular design ensures the system can be retro-fitted or adapted at a later date.