Weapons Handling and Launch System

Weapons Handling and Launch System

Babcock is an expert in Weapon Handling and Launch Systems (WHLS). Our systems are found on UK, Canadian and Australian submarines – with current projects under way for Spanish and South Korean submarines.

Babcock is the Delegated Design Authority for Weapon Handling and Launch Systems on all classes of UK submarines. We have provided modern Air Turbine Pump (ATP) based systems on the UK’s Astute Submarine, for Spanish S-80 and the South Korean Jangbogo-III classes.

Babcock has also supplied Launch systems on the Collins Class in Australia, the Victoria Class in Canada, as well as the Royal Navy Swiftsure, Trafalgar and Vanguard classes.

Our latest systems, incorporating ATP-driven positive discharge with programmable firing valve,
represent the state of the art in WHLS, enabling compatibility with all Torpedoes, Mines and

Missiles produced by leading manufacturers. It has significant advantages in terms of launch flexibility, integration, mass, noise, volume and economy of operating air.