Shadow ExCo

This year we are bringing together a group of employees from across the business to be curious, and work alongside our Executive Committee.

The Shadow ExCo is a group of non-executive employees from across the business, brought together and invited to work alongside our Executive Committee on a wide range of strategic initiatives, as well as business as usual items.
With representation from each of Babcock’s Direct Reporting Countries, (UK, Australasia, South Africa, Canada, and France), the Shadow ExCo will act as a sounding board and partner to Babcock’s Executive Committee (ExCo). The Shadow ExCo will diversify the thoughts and skills exposed to the ExCo, by bringing together a group that is reflective of our global business.

Applications are now open for all permanent Babcock employees to apply to be a member of the Shadow ExCo. There are multiple roles open at this stage, and please discuss this with your manager before applying. Below you will find the job description and terms of reference for the Shadow ExCo.

Applications close on Friday 24 March.

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Job description

Terms of reference