We’re there to safeguard our communities.

For over 35 years, Babcock has delivered aerial firefighting services. Operating across Europe and Canada with more than 500 highly trained professionals, our pilots and operation coordinators are experts at fighting fires from the air.

Our highly trained pilots and engineers work tirelessly every summer, during the firefighting season. We delivered 5,500 aerial firefighting missions last year; focused in the high-risk areas of Spain, Portugal, Italy and Canada.

Foresight, prevention and intervention are critical in the fight against wildfires and Babcock’s operational oversight teams and proprietary unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) allow firefighters to actively survey woods and forests so they can tackle fires more effectively, safely and strategically. Our highly experienced crews, who focus on both the prevention and the extinguishing of fires, clocked up 11,000 flight hours last year using our bespoke modified fleet of aircraft.

Babcock operates over 75 firefighting aircraft, including both helicopters and planes (light, medium and heavies) alongside managing the Italian government’s 19 amphibious firefighting aircraft. With this fleet portfolio, Babcock provides a full range of firefighting related missions including water-dropping, ground firefighter transportation, mission coordination and real-time image gathering to feed to command and control centres.