Oil and Gas

Every year, our experienced pilots transport around 260,000 men and women to oil and gas platforms in the North Sea. We are proud of the long-term relationships we have developed with our customers and passengers over 40 years of providing this essential service.

Safety is always the first priority in Babcock operations and we are under constant scrutiny from auditors, regulators, our customers, our passengers and ourselves. Safety and security have never been so important.

Our mixed fleet of heavy and super-medium aircraft are developed and engineered specifically for North Sea operations with twin engines, advanced autopilots, anti-icing technology and a range of on-board safety equipment. Our experienced engineers maintain a large fleet of S-92 helicopters and we were the first UK operator to become qualified in training H175 crew and engineers.

Our crew transport services are centred around our passengers and our customer commitments reflect our dedication to them. We take pride in providing excellent customer service and safe operations at all times.

Our oil and gas operations at a glance:

  • 260,000 passengers transported offshore last year
  • 26,300 oil and gas flight hours last year
  • 100 platforms/installations/rigs covered at any one time
  • 96% on-time departure rate