We’re aware that, unfortunately, scammers have been offering false employment opportunities that look as if they have been sent by Babcock.

We’re treating this extremely seriously and want to make sure you only get genuine communications from us. We never send unsolicited job emails and won’t ask you for your bank details.

How the scam works

Scammers aim to take money from you by offering you a job that doesn’t exist in return for money to pay for work visas, passport clearance or payment to third parties to help you get the role.

The emails can look genuine and may even name a Babcock employee.

If you think you’ve had a scam Babcock email

Never give out your bank details unless you’re sure the email is genuine. All our emails come from a babcockinternational.com domain.

If you think you’ve had a scam email:

  1. Check the sender’s address by pressing reply. If it’s not from a babcockinternational.com domain, it’s a scam.
  2. Never supply personal or financial information to a third party you do not know, or who you suspect of being fraudulent. Babcock will never ask for money in connection with a job opportunity.
  3. End all communication if you become suspicious and, if you feel it’s appropriate, report the incident to the police.
  4. Don’t call any telephone numbers given in the email. Instead, look up the genuine telephone number on our website and use that.
  5. Let us know about the scam by emailing careers@babcockinternational.com. Please do not press reply or forward the email to us, but type in our address manually and send it to us as an attachment.