Adaptive Learning

The Adaptive Learning Project (ALP) is an award-winning Babcock-led initiative designed to greatly improve the quality of learning outcomes for students and reduce failure rates.

Its pilot use was at the Defence School of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering (DSEME), where it achieved a significant, measurable benefit in helping prospective engineers reach the required standard of mathematics.

In collaboration with the Area 9 Lyceum learning platform, ALP delivered functional and foundational maths at QCF Level 2 for military students of the DSEME.

ALP was able to deliver a personalised learning experience to 160 students and fill a gap where Covid-19 had reduced one-to-one exposure between cohorts and tutors.

It led to an overall reduction in those failing their courses and a remarkable 50% reduction in time to proficiency.

ALP is reflective of Babcock’s constant innovation in the training sector, allowing students to move forward as assured engineers; confident in the decisions they make.

With a shorter time to proficiency, trainees are able to spend less time in residential training; expediting their arrival in the work place.  Not only does this bring obvious benefits to the customer it also produces a significant morale boost for the trainees themselves.

An example of data use insight provided by ALP to trainers shows individuals who are taking longer to achieve module completion than their peers, or hopping between modules on the course.

A deeper dive into the data shows exactly where support for any given student is needed, allowing trainers to make targeted interventions rather than broad-brushstroke decisions on course delivery.

ALP was given a Special Commendation certificate in the Aerospace and Defence category of the Engineer Awards 2022, recognising its significant positive impact in expediting the engineers of tomorrow into the workplace.