Emergency Medical Services

We’re there when you need us.

When an accident occurs and lives are at risk, the speed of response and ability to swiftly rescue and transport a patient to hospital are vital.

With over 35 years’ of experience in aerial emergency medical services (EMS), the most up-to-date fleet and equipment, the best qualified personnel, and medical bases in all our countries of operation, Babcock is trusted by its customers, including national and regional government bodies and charity organisations, to deliver these vital services. On average, we perform over 82,000 EMS missions each year and are the only operator in Spain, Italy and Portugal to run medical bases which are in operation 24/7.

Our emergency medical aircraft act as mobile intensive care units with a reaction and mobility capacity that enables them to reach inaccessible locations and deliver complex rescues in record time. Our EMS operations span Australia, Finland, France, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom and we work with over 1,000 specialist medical professionals. Along with the flight crew, our medical staff play a crucial role in patient safety; they are able to provide initial care at the site of the accident, provide in-flight medical care and brief the doctors who will provide ongoing treatment once we deliver the patient to hospital.

Babcock’s fleet of medical helicopters and aircraft travel quickly and safely to attend accidents and provide emergency transport between hospitals. We are proud of our role in such a vital service. By reducing the response time, we not only save lives, but minimise the long-term effects of injuries.