Training Programmes

Urban Search & Rescue

The USAR rig at Beckton includes six areas for training which can be used individually or as one large multi-disciplined exercise. It brings all the USAR training elements under one roof including breaching and breaking, shoring, lifting and moving, technical search, line rescue and confined space. The rig also includes mock-ups of commercial and industrial buildings, a crane and jib and areas for hot cutting and chain saw operations.

Firefighter Development

The purpose built training centre at Park Royal provides trainee fire fighters with a positive and safe learning environment within which to develop their knowledge and skills. The flexible design is such that most aspects of the fire fighter Development course can now be delivered at this site.

Line Rescue

The Park Royal centre of excellence has been designed to deliver a broad range of rope rescue and working from height training. The flexible training rig aims to challenge delegates, while still ensuring their safety at all times. It includes a telecoms mast, flat roof training area, pitched roof, shaft entry training area, steel ladder and carefully positioned anchor points. The facility has been designed in such a way to create a range of real life scenarios that can be tailored to the needs of the beginner through to advanced level technicians.

Breathing Apparatus and Real Fire Training (BARFT)

The safety of our delegates is paramount and our fire house at Beckton and basement at Park Royal have been designed and built to include a range of safety features. There is dedicated emergency withdrawal at all levels, complete monitoring systems, deluge systems and temperature monitors.

Incident Command

Our Incident Command Training suite at Beckton provides delegates with an immersive training experience. There are four pods with floor to ceiling projection and an internal replica of a Command Unit vehicle. The pods can be used to run independent exercises or with delegates cooperating in a single or multi appliance simulation. This can be extended to include the Command Unit mock up for larger command exercises.