Why Babcock

We are trusted to deliver:

Training aligned training to your operational activity

  • We provide the training you need, when you need it ensuring that operational activity is not comprised. 
  • For all our customers we have improved individual firefighter availability for front line operations.

Proven savings

  • In a world of increasingly challenging budgets and time constrictions we deliver efficiencies savings for our customers. 
  • For the London Fire Brigade we are delivering a cost savings of 33% per annum on their training budget.

Shared risk and investment

  • Continued investment in training facilities means that training will always be current and our training experts ensure that all learners are competent and compliant with the latest legislative requirements. 
  • For the fire services we have invested over £30m in new and improved training facilities.

Local training delivery

By reducing travel times through local delivery models and e-learning we deliver delegates back to the front line duties quickly and efficiently. Our investment in e-learning packages for the fire services has delivered a reduction course duration and an increase in pass rates. Click here to find out more.

Babcock is trusted training partner to London Fire Brigade (LFB) to make London safer. This training partnership has seen the largest change to training delivery within the LFB for over 125 years.

Through the management and delivery of the training programme, Babcock is responsible for delivering a cost saving to LFB of circa £66m over 25 years on their training budget, inclusive of our spend on new facilities.

This partnership has included a £14 million investment from Babcock to provide the LFB and our Emergency Services customers with two state-of-the-art Emergency Services Training Centres at Beckton and Park Royal. We have also invested in local training delivery using Regional Training facilities, improved station training and where appropriate, increased use of computer based training packages.

The LFB training programme is managed by Babcock with governance from the LFB. This includes course programming and scheduling, management of equipment, assets and facilities and the delivery of both operational and administrative courses.

To learn more, please view the London Fire Brigade case study below.