Supplier actionable notifications (SAN)

SAN approach may be best for suppliers that very occasionally received a Purchase Order from Babcock for example a single Purchase Order / invoice per year.

Supplier Actionable Notifications (SAN) allow you to act on POs directly from email notifications for POs created in Coupa, having the options to acknowledge, create an invoice from, or add a comment to a PO. Additionally, you can create a CSP account if you want to take advantage of the benefits of working with Babcock through the CSP.

Finally, get notifications after submitting an invoice, letting you know when we perform an action. This improves transparency and further reduces the need for tracking down the status of your invoices through phone calls or emails. Simply flip your PO into an invoice by clicking the “Create Invoice” button, when you receive an email as the one depicted below and create an invoice in a few simple steps.

SAN notifications will be sent to your Purchase Order email address. You can provide this to us by responding to our Supplier Survey.