Electrical Apprentice

Nick Wibberley

My favourite part of the job:

I love working as part of a team of engineers to solve complex engineering problems. It really tests your knowledge and helps you learn.

Most challenging thing I’ve ever done:

Being an apprentice at Babcock has pushed me out of my comfort zone and helped me to gain extra skills. It’s challenging, but very rewarding. 

My typical day

My apprenticeship covers electrical design and mechanical engineering, giving me a rounded skill set and helping me earn valuable qualifications. I’m planning to start my EngTECH accreditation next. 

The first thing I do each morning is speak to my Principle Engineer about what’s in store for the day ahead.

I really enjoy designing new things, like panels, schematics and block cable diagrams. It’s typical of the kind of thing I do on a daily basis. 

I grab lunch with my friends from the course, then talk through my personal development with my mentor.

I’m finished on-site by 3pm and free to carry on with my studies, so I can add to the qualifications I’ve already gained through my apprenticeship with Babcock.