Search and Rescue

We’re there when disaster strikes.

For over 30 years, Babcock has been there when you need us, providing lifesaving search and rescue (SAR) missions in Australia and Spain.

Due to their hard to reach locations (often at sea or in mountainous regions) SAR operations are, by their nature, logistically complex and time-sensitive therefore the combination of our experienced and skilled rescue staff, along with the operational capabilities of our aircraft, ensures Babcock can respond safely and effectively to these emergency situations.

We employ over 500 SAR crew members who undertake exhaustive in-house training in order to carry out the critical SAR operations we run – the training covers everything from in-flight medical care to crisis management. We flew 1,670 SAR missions last year using our bespoke AW139, H225 and CN-235 aircraft, outfitted with state-of-the-art mission specific equipment that allow us to run 24/7 operations in safe weather conditions.

Babcock has long been a pioneer in establishing SAR projects; our dedicated research and development teams bring continuous improvements to our services and the industry as a whole.