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Every summer, the South and West of Europe suffer the effects of fires. Spain, Portugal and Italy are the most affected countries. Babcock is a specialized company in fighting fire with helicopters and planes.

Aerial Emergencies

Babcock has a fleet of medical aircraft, capable of travelling quickly, nimbly and totally safely to those places where it is diffcult to use other means of transport.

Surveillance and Civil Protection

Babcock provides surveillance critical services to Governments in Europe and Australia. Our highly experienced crew members provide 24-hour strategic and tactical aerial surveillance by using state-of-the-art equipment and aircraft.

Humanitarian and Disaster Relief

Throughout the past years, Babcock MCS Germany have established themselves in several fields of Helicopter Services, both in Germany and abroad. Key to our success was professionalism and efficiency, both critical attributes especially in times of crisis.

Vehicle Conversions

We specialise in vehicle conversions that help you to meet your frontline challenges – in whatever sectors you operate in. On offer is one of the largest and comprehensive choices of products available within the market.

Mission Critical Services Australasia

Emergency, search and rescue, surveillance, law enforcement and mission-critical helicopter services.


We offer invaluable experience within a market which is at the heart of economies worldwide


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