Managing and operating two of the three UK naval bases, Babcock has worked successfully with the Ministry of Defence (MOD) at HM Naval Base Devonport and HM Naval Base Clyde, delivering substantial cost reductions and service improvements as part of a successful partnering relationship with the MOD and Royal Navy.

Babcock is contracted by the MOD to provide services which include fleet time engineering, facilities management, waterfront services, logistics and transport. Our services are delivered within an agreed operating budget with a focus on continuous and sustainable improvements in warship and submarine support without compromising safety, platform availability or quality.

Babcock has a similar contract with the New Zealand Defence Force to manage its base in Auckland with a comparable savings and benefits operating model.

Savings have been achieved through the creation and implementation of improved productivity and processes, enhanced people skills and most importantly- a culture firmly focused on safety across all sites.

At each site the quality of service delivery is measured against a suite of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) covering all elements of the service provided. These in turn are used to gauge the overall contract performance and support gain-share and risk and reward contracting principles.

The success of the contracts at each of the Babcock sites has been mainly attributable to the concept of a ‘one-team’ approach at each site, where both Babcock and its customers have been working together within a partnering framework.

Many traditional working practices and processes have been challenged and changed where necessary. This has demonstrated and delivered significant benefits in cost reduction and operating performance. Innovative working practices are encouraged, discussed jointly and implemented where appropriate.