Experienced management for emergency services

Paramedics assisting a patient with a spine board

Babcock is the leading engineering support services provider to the emergency services. We work collaboratively with our customers to deliver tailored solutions that meet their immediate and future needs.

With proven blue light capability in asset management, infrastructure and training, Babcock delivers a broad range of services with the ethos of whole life management at the centre – from procurement to disposal of assets, from planning and design to evaluation of training effectiveness.

Firefighter spraying water at a fire
Rear of a police car

Our proven blue light capability spans:

  • Vehicle conversions & support
  • Bespoke training programmes
  • Critical infrastructure and estates

In partnering with our customers, we deliver the following long term benefits:

  • Cost savings up to 15%
  • Optimised availability
  • Innovation & best practices
  • Improved environmental & safety performance

A proven approach to specialist assets

We design and build appropriate and assured specialist vehicles to meet our customers’ requirements, with the highest level of support to underpin asset availability, performance and protection.

This provides emergency services organisations with the confidence to focus on frontline delivery – safe in the knowledge that their complex combination of vehicles and equipment are managed within a secure environment and optimised through experienced and trusted teams of experts.

We can self-deliver a whole life asset capability from world class vehicle conversions through to the disposal and decommissioning of assets. Our customers benefit from a broad range of capabilities that include:

  • Market leading expertise in vehicle specifications
  • Compliant builds
  • High performing composite material production
  • Market leading armoured products
  • Specialist in-vehicle communications capability
  • Disposal & decommissioning
  • Service packs & availability contracts

Using our proven approach, ALCAMiE™, we combine customised systems and processes to deliver services and manage costs over the whole life of an asset.

ALCAMiE™ is perfectly suited to the challenging environment in which emergency services organisations operate, encouraging innovation in design through to producing detailed data on each asset and daily reports that provides key information on the performance and availability of vehicles and equipment. Through this process, ALCAMiE™ helps to ensure that the right assets are always available and fit for purpose - when and where they are needed.

Our customers include the Metropolitan Police Service, London Fire Brigade, London Ambulance Service, the Department of Communities and Local Government, Associated British Ports and Highways England.

Optimising the built estate

The built estate plays an important part in helping the blue light sector to deliver, providing critical infrastructure for the range of services and activities required for frontline operations.

Babcock helps its clients to optimise the performance of their built estate throughout its lifecycle. In using our unique combination of technical, management and analytical expertise, we enable clients to think differently about how to approach their property portfolio.

Through services ranging from strategic property advice and estate rationalisation, to refurbishment programmes and facilities management, Babcock helps customers to reduce costs, improve efficiency and operate in an environmentally sustainable way without impacting upon frontline service delivery.

We support over 35,000 properties, including critical 24/7 facilities, police stations, data centres, laboratories and offices. On behalf of Fire Authorities, we also operate purpose-built fire training facilities, which were designed, financed and built by Babcock.

Aviation Services

Babcock is the world's leading provider of aerial services for mission-critical operations such as medical emergency, civil protection, search and rescue, coast and city surveillance, fire fighting and energy support services.

Everyday, lives and livelihoods depend on the operations we fly. As a 24-hour company, we're trained and equipped to handle any emergency and to go wherever our customers need us, always putting our absolute commitment to Safety and quality at the heart of everything we do.

  • Delivered over 132,000 flying hours
  • Flew more than 59,300 emergency healthcare missions
  • Helped to put out more than 6,200 fires
  • Saved the lives of over 1,400 people at sea or on mountains
  • Carried more than 209,400 passengers in the oil and gas industries

Pulling survivors from the ocean in an air-sea rescue. Fighting a wildfire from the air. Keeping a rig 100 miles off the coast supplied and manned. Running a 24-hour air ambulance service. Protecting a vulnerable fishery. Watching over our cities.

These are just some examples of the work our around 3,000 strong global team carries out every day at Babcock Mission Critical Services Australia, Babcock MCS Onshore, Babcock MCS Offshore, INAER and SAA.

Delivering the right training, in the right place at the right time

Babcock works in partnership with customers to design and deliver bespoke training solutions. Our training expertise spans the entire training life cycle from planning, scheduling and administration through to the design, development and delivery of programmes.

We ensure that you meet the legislative requirements in training that surround the emergency services sector.

Training is quality assured through robust auditing processes and external accreditations.

Regular reviews keep the content of courses up to date and our investment in people ensures that trainers are suitably qualified and experienced. A training partnership with Babcock will deliver you a current, competent and quality assured workforce.

Your delegates will receive an enhanced training experience using our blended learning approach. We combine e-learning with knowledge based classroom teaching and practical application. This can all be managed through our tried and tested learning management system or through integration with your existing systems.

Our blended approach to training encourages a local delivery model, which reduces the travel time for delegates and quickly returns them to front line duties.

We continually invest in our partnerships, striving for innovation, building customer relationships and maintaining our reputation as a training partner that can be trusted to deliver.