Contract extension secured for Sellafield Pile Fuel Cladding Silo project

Sellafield Ltd. has awarded Bechtel Cavendish Nuclear Solutions (BCNS) a two-year contract extension and added work to the Pile Fuel Cladding Silo (PFCS) project at the UK’s Sellafield Site in northern England.

The team has been on the project since 2012, designing and installing access doors and remote-handling equipment to retrieve decades-old nuclear waste from sealed compartments in a building described as one of Europe’s most hazardous.

The waste consists of 3,200 cubic meters of radioactive cladding – pieces of metal tubes used for uranium fuel rods in some of the UK’s earliest nuclear reactors. The mission of the PFCS project is to deliver a system that allows Sellafield to retrieve the waste, package it safely, and dispose of it permanently.

The new scope calls for:

  • procurement, manufacture, preparation, installation, and commissioning of additional equipment to allow Sellafield to retrieve waste from the remaining five silo compartments, once the first compartment has been emptied;
  • extension and growth of off-site testing facilities, to develop future systems for use on the retrievals plant; and
  • establishment of a new, centralized control building for all silo monitoring and waste retrieval operations.

Clive Billiald, Bechtel programme manager said, “This award continues our very special relationship with our Sellafield colleagues, which has enabled us to consistently deliver ahead of time and under budget. I am incredibly proud of our collective team, who thoroughly deserve the trust placed in them.”

Fran Worthington, Cavendish Nuclear’s Sellafield Business Unit Director, said, “This extension reinforces the strong collaborative working relationship we have with Sellafield and our partner and is testament to our delivery performance on one of the four most hazardous buildings in Western Europe.”

Robin Spurr, BCNS’ Social Value Lead said, “This award allows us to build on our initiatives to maximise the benefits felt by our local communities, and to create a project legacy further afield. We will utilise the skills and experience of Bechtel and Cavendish Nuclear people, in conjunction with the Sellafield project team, to create a truly collaborative approach to Social Impact, which will bring greater value to the local area.”

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