Benefits of an Apprenticeship Programme for Learners

Apprenticeships provide the best of both worlds and offer high quality, vocational training and nationally recognised qualifications. Apprenticeships are a great way for you to launch your career and at Babcock we offer apprenticeships in a wide variety of industries.

They are also a great route for those already in employment to develop their future prospects and career. A Babcock apprenticeship can provide you with the following benefits:

You will earn while you learn. As an employee of your chosen company, you will earn a wage from day one. At Babcock, we work with thousands of employers who place real value on their apprentices and most of our employer partners pay newly recruited apprentices more than the Apprenticeship Minimum Wage. If you are a new apprentice the Apprenticeship Minimum Wage is £3.90 per hour if you are under 19 (or over 19 and in your first year of apprenticeship learning). In terms of other employer benefits such as holiday entitlement, all apprentices are eligible for the same benefits as other employees. More information can be found here:

Cost to you – in most cases there is no cost, Babcock can support you with a funded apprenticeship whatever your age. Please contact us for more details.

Over the course of their lifetime, qualified apprentices will earn £150,000 more than their peers, according to research done in 2013.

Apprenticeships are structured training programmes which give you a chance to work and learn at the same time, gaining nationally recognised qualifications. A Babcock apprenticeship will help you gain the skills and knowledge to succeed in your chosen career.

Apprenticeships support the development of a range of wider transferrable skills that employers look for. Apprentices routinely develop team work, motivation, initiative and self-development skills as part of their apprenticeship framework.

Apprenticeships offer a varied learning experience. You won’t have to spend all day in a classroom; most of the time you’ll be working for your employer with teaching and learning delivered by your Babcock Regional Trainer. A Babcock apprenticeship is all about learning while doing, learning from your Babcock Regional Trainer and others in the industry.

Apprenticeships offer excellent development routes, allowing you to study towards higher level qualifications as you progress in your chosen career. Babcock offer apprenticeships up to levels 4 and 5 and we are continually introducing new apprenticeships as new Higher Level Apprenticeships are introduced – so you can be sure that we can support you as you progress in your chosen career.

Apprenticeships offer a genuine alternative to university education, reducing the burden of debt that goes alongside a university degree. With an increasing number of Higher Apprenticeships available across a wide range of sectors, as your career progresses, higher level apprenticeships can offer a real alternative to university for the development of higher level skills. For more information on the different levels of apprenticeships, please click here.