Operational insight: HADES Technical Support Services Provision

Operating at 20 sites across the UK, Babcock delivers an integrated service capability to the Royal Air Force (RAF). These services are vital in ensuring that the RAF are able to successfully carry out their flying operations.

Involving over 900 skilled personnel, 21 key services and 4,800 requirements, the contract exploits Babcock’s expertise in the coordination and widespread delivery of complex defence services, as well as our extensive experience in military aviation. We work closely with our customers to share successes and innovative ways of working, constantly striving for continuous improvement in the services we deliver.

We provide bespoke support for each site determined by their individual requirements. Key services provided by the contract includes the provision of aircraft maintenance, airfield support, flight line support services, vehicle fleet logistics, training support and specialist armoury and engineering support.

Our commitment to building a strong, collaborative working relationship with the RAF will continue to remain at the core of HADES’ delivery. Babcock focuses on delivering the best service and support so the RAF can focus on the delivery of air power.

Airfield management and support services

Babcock delivers vital airfield engineering support, managing and maintaining specialist ground support equipment as well as a wide range of fixed machine tools.

We deliver the development, manufacture, repair and maintenance of ground training aids as well as providing the ground handling services in support of aircraft movements. We also provide airfield managers to facilitate the day-to-day running of key airfields, supporting normal, night and contingency flying operations. Our skilled staff assist in the conduct of both trials on, and the development of, aircraft, support systems and associated equipment.

Training support

Babcock ensures the delivery of critical training, supporting the Advanced Training Squadron and Basic Training Squadron simulators, as well as controlling computer-generated tracks to facilitate the training of student air traffic controllers. We also support the RAF to achieve their training requirements through provision of tasks such as refuelling aircraft and ground handling services.

Mechanical transport operations and maintenance

Babcock provides the management, control, administration, and operation of mechanical transport services. We also provide modification and repair services to vehicles, and provide technical assistance to all Ministry of Defence (MOD) vehicles that breakdown on site.

At a glance:

  • Operating at 20 sites across the UK
  • Providing 21 key services UK-wide
  • Comprised of 4,800 requirements
  • Involving over 900 skilled personnel