Babcock first to armour the Toyota Land Cruiser 300

Babcock’s armoured Toyota Land Cruiser 300 withstood ballistic and blast trials last week, enabling them to be the first European Armourer to market a solution.

The new Land Cruiser 300 Series, launched in August 2021, is a complete redesign of the outgoing 200 Series. The team has worked tirelessly to deliver a solution for existing and prospective customers before any of their competitors. The first vehicle (picture) was finalised in January.

In February the vehicle was taken to Wales for a series of tests to ensure that it was sufficiently robust and safe. The immensely demanding testing included the vehicle being shot at over 200 times with rounds of varying calibres. This was followed by a series of explosive devices being detonated at varying distances (all less than 2m), next to, above and below the vehicle. Vehicle Engineering are pleased to announce that their armoured design passed the desired testing levels and an armoured LC300 solution is now available for pre-order.