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Babcock Assessments has built a national infrastructure of Independent End-Point Assessors (IEAs) based on our predicted volumes, per standard.  We employ our IEAs directly, this helps us to be flexible in the deployment of assessors based on demand, and also ensures quality and standardisation of delivery. We aim to provide a professional service, as you would expect from a member of the Babcock Group.  We have adopted an identical model for our invigilator personnel.

Babcock Assessments IEAs are nationally based.  This model allows us to service not only large employers with a local service of IEAs, but also individual smaller employers across regions nationally.  Our EPA delivery has involved delivery in England, Scotland and Wales, and Babcock Assessments IEA locations enable this flexibility.

Standards (England only) consist of:

  • Standards are a 2 page document detailing the skills, knowledge and behaviours an apprentice needs to know and demonstrate within a role.
  • Maths and English Functional Skills – Before the apprentice can progress towards the end-point assessment they must have achieved Functional Skills at Level 1 or Level 2 in maths and English (or have equivalent certificates) depending on the level of apprenticeship they are undertaking.
  • End-Point Assessment – Once the training has been completed and the apprentice has proven competency against all the standard’s criteria they must undertake the end-point assessment. The end-point assessment is independent from the training and includes a variety of assessment methods which test the skills and knowledge of the apprentice to ensure they are fully competent in their role.

All Babcock Assessments IEAs and Assessment Internal Quality Assurance personnel are suitably qualified and have relevant occupational experience as outlined in the individual apprenticeship standards/assessment plans.  In addition, IEAs are DBS checked and hold relevant assessor qualifications.  All Babcock Assessments personnel (IEAs, Invigilators, AIQAs) receive relevant training and standardisation to support their roles.

Babcock Assessments has already delivered multiple complete End Point Assessments, additionally with learners currently “in EPA” working across different training organisations and employers.  We were the first EPAO to complete Retail Manager Level 4 EPA.  We have incorporated feedback/lessons learnt into the training we provide our IEAs.  All IEAs have relevant experience not only in the relevant sector but also in making assessment decisions.

Babcock Assessments carries out all assessments face to face, at the learner’s workplace or via academy models.  We have chosen this approach to ensure consistency of quality delivery.

We are happy to discuss our list prices on an individual basis with employers and their selected lead training provider (ITP/FE).  This includes contract negotiation/re-sits.

Our prices are based on a number of factors including quality face to face delivery.  Our prices include all associated costs including scheduling, administration, planning meeting, assessments, invigilation etc. whilst also taking into consideration funding caps. We base our prices on hours to undertake EPA rather than days.

We have a quality assurance team specifically within Babcock Assessments to quality assure our assessment delivery, decisions and personnel in line with our own Quality Assurance EPA policies and procedures, whilst also adhering to the requirements of our multiple External Quality Assurance body requirements.
At a high level, Quality Assurance of our assessments and personnel includes:

  • Sampling
  • Risk Bandings
  • Feedback and Support
  • Moderation
  • Appeals and complaints procedures
  • Conflict of Interest and Reporting

We have a provide examples of our support materials in the ‘Support & Guidance’ section of our website.

Babcock Assessments is a separate legal entity and has a separate management structure and governance arrangements.  We felt this was critically important, because of the services offered by other parts of the group.  Therefore roles/staff employed by Babcock Assessments, include:

  • Independent End Point Assessors
  • Invigilators
  • Product Design and Improvement
  • Assessment Quality Assurance
  • Staff involved with Business Development and Account Management

All Babcock Assessments staff adhere to Babcock Assessments operating policies and procedures.

There are a number of shared services functions we use from within the wider Babcock Group, but again these are dealt with in a separate manner.  This includes:

  • Finance
  • HR
  • Administration
  • Marketing

This forms part of our quality assessment and assurance processes and our delivery models.  We use a data system to record all assessment decisions, grade aggregation and the progress of the learner.  We also issue a Record of Achievement.

Babcock Assessments provides clear guidance to the employer and training organisations around our expectations of “readiness” prior to a learner completing gateway.  This includes clear guidance on the evidence of readiness we require for a learner to pass to Babcock Assessments for EPA.  We only provide EPA where a contract between ourselves and the lead provider exists (and we have been included on ILR, have learner details, and established a joint relationship with the employer) and these expectations along with operational detail are contained within such contracts and through partnership arrangements.

At present our system is not accessible externally.  However because of our delivery model, the relationship between our IEA, the learner and line manager results in a clear understanding of the learners progress throughout their EPA journey, with regular updates/communication.

We are happy to discuss our list prices on an individual basis with employers and their selected lead training provider (ITP/FE).  In general we have a price point for individual assessments which need to be re-taken.  We work with the employer and lead provider to enshrine such charges into our contract with the lead provider and it is at this contractual point we are more than happy to discuss options for resits.

Each standard and assessment plan dictates the order assessments should be taken in (or if there is flexibility), and also the maximum resits allowed per assessment methods or across a standard.  Our learner and employer guides clearly state these on a standard by standard basis.

We have a six stage appeals process.  At a high level:

  • Step 1 – Informal with IEA
  • Step 2 – Formal appeal to IEA
  • Step 3 – Formal appeal to Assessment Internal Quality Assurer
  • Step 4 – Formal appeal to Assessment Quality Assurance Manager
  • Step 5 – Investigated by the External Quality Assurance Organisation
  • Step 6 – Appeal will be either rejected or upheld. The decision of the EQAO is final

  • Gateway support and guidance
  • Conducting planning meetings to help support the apprentice and employer understand EPA expectations
  • Face to face End-Point Assessment Delivery for all standards to ensure quality experience for the learner
  • Partnership working with employers, providers and colleges to embed End-Point Assessment in L&D and Curriculum planning and understand the apprentices environment
  • Work closely with EQA bodies to amend and improve our processes to ensure our EPA assessments are robust
  • Directly employed Independent End-Point Assessors
  • Directly employed test and exam invigilators
  • A national Babcock Assessments Quality Assurance team


Support from Babcock Assessments includes:

  • EPA Learner guides
  • EPA Employer guides
  • Learner Factsheets
  • Employer Factsheet
  • Practice tests for MCT and Written Exams
  • Planning meeting with Independent End Point Assessor
  • Gateway (readiness for EPA) and certification declaration forms
  • EPA assessment and results information

To enable us to deliver we will need to enter into a contract, so it’s not as simple as simply booking with us.  Our support guides describe the process followed once a relationship has been established.

If you would like to discuss any aspect of our end point assessment services, our team will be happy to help and can be contacted via:  Tel: 0800 077 8738   Email: [email protected]