Dividend Information

Dividend History

Past dividend payments per 60p share, adjusted where applicable for the Rights Issue in May 2014, are listed below.

YearDateInterimDateFinalTotalChange (%)
2019/2017 Jan 207.20p
2018/1916 Jan 197.10p9 Aug 1922.90p30.00p1.7
2017/1816 Jan 186.85p10 Aug 1822.65p29.5p4.8
2016/1713 Jan 176.50p11 Aug 1721.65p28.15p9.1
2015/1614 Jan 166.05p12 Aug 1619.75p25.809.0
2014/1514 Jan 155.50p12 Aug 1518.10p23.6010.4
2013/1410 Jan 145.00p12 Aug 1416.40p21.40p12.6
2012/1311 Jan 134.60p8 Aug 1314.40p19.00p15.9
2011/1213 Jan 124.10p7 Aug 1212.30p16.40p17.1
2010/1114 Jan 113.80p9 Aug 1110.30p14.00p10.2

Babcock operates a Dividend Re-Investment Plan (DRIP), details of which are available from our website here.