Jackal Contract

Supporting the British Army’s battle-winning capabilities 

We are trusted by the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) to rapidly respond to defence requirements and deliver in short timescales.

Working in collaboration with Devon-based Supacat, we’ve been contracted to deliver High Mobility Transporters (HMT 400 series) to the MOD for the British Army.

Delivered between Supacat’s manufacturing facilities near Honiton, and our Devonport site in Plymouth, our teams are working to deliver 70 vehicles in just over a year.

The contract builds on our well-established relationship with Supacat, having worked together to meet the urgent operational requirement demand for Afghanistan, when over 600 Jackal 1, Jackal 2 and Coyote vehicles were assembled through our Devonport facility within a three-year period over 15 years ago.

With an initial order of 70, the contract could lead to the production of as many as 240 light armoured vehicles, should operational requirements demand.

Colloquially named ‘Jackal’, the HMT 400 series is a supremely versatile platform with unparalleled cross-country performance, designed by Supacat.

Equipped with an optional mine blast and ballistic protection kit, the Jackal 3 vehicle has the option for a variety of mission specific load beds including weapons, communications and intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition, and reconnaissance equipment.

The British Army has made Jackal integral to its land tactics and operations, as well as its training. By delivering the new vehicles we are supporting the British Army in enhancing its fleet numbers and enabling greater support to its operations and readiness.

At a glance:

  • Single source sub-contract for Babcock into Supacat (single source prime contractor) which will see Babcock manufacture 62 vehicles by April 2024, and Supacat manufacture eight vehicles over the same period
  • Collaboratively delivering the production of up to 240 light armoured vehicles if contract option exercised
  • Construction of a state-of-the-art production facility within the Devonport Freeport Zone
  • Supporting the British Army’s operational readiness
  • Supporting the backfill of vehicles sent as part of the Ukraine gifting programme

Boosting the UK economy

Jackal is a truly British designed and manufactured vehicle, with this contract proving that the British industry can work collaboratively to boost the UK economy.

Jackal is not only a battle-proven vehicle but also a fantastic export asset. It provides a platform to secure potential export orders and has shown how investment in UK products can provide benefits to the wider UK economy.

Having proven itself internationally, Jackal is in service in Denmark, Australia, New Zealand, Norway, and Estonia. Further export opportunities are currently being explored in collaboration with Supacat to bring further investment to the UK.

Creating new opportunities

Our collaboration with Supacat supports the British Army’s Land Industrial Strategy by securing critical industrial skills and capabilities and enhancing social value, including the creation of new jobs.

So far, the contract has created 100 new jobs in the Southwest region. Creating 90 new jobs at our Devonport site, and 40 jobs at Supacat’s Honiton manufacturing facilities as a result of the collaboration.

Social value

This contract offers significant opportunity for social value enhancement in the Southwest region. Through a dedicated social value plan for the contract, the programme will drive benefit to the local area across a set of key themes:

  • Creation of a state-of-the-art production facility within the Devonport Freeport Zone
  • Creating employment and training opportunities for those who face barriers to employment and/or who are located in deprived areas
  • Supporting educational development and attainment, addressing skills gaps
  • Development and embedding of future-proofed new methods to modernise delivery and increase productivity, supporting the drive for research and development in the local area, and creating higher value jobs
  • Creating opportunities for entrepreneurship to support local economic growth and business creation
  • A fair, responsible, and sustainable approach to working with supply chain partners in the delivery of the contract

Jackal in numbers:

  • Delivery of 70 vehicles to the MOD (62 manufactured by Babcock, 8 manufactured by Supacat)
  • 13 month contract manufacturing vehicles over a 6 month period
  • 1 vehicle produced per day during full rate production
  • Creation of 100 jobs in the Southwest region
  • 12 build cells in the pulse production line Up to 240 light armoured vehicles if future contract option exercised

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