Babcock secures Oil and Gas decommissioning contract

Babcock is working with Centrica Storage Limited to plan for decommissioning of the Rough 47/8A platforms and infrastructure in the southern North Sea.     


Utilising Babcock’s innovative asset responsibility transfer process, planning for the safe and efficient decommissioning of Centrica’s assets – which comprises two bridge linked platforms currently shut in ahead of decommissioning – is well underway.


This initial decommissioning contract for Babcock will provide all aspects of governance and compliance prior to decommissioning operations commencing. This initial project phase is anticipated to take up to 12 months.


Ian Lindsay, Managing Director Energy and Marine Technology, Babcock said: “Babcock is delighted to support Centrica as its Rough infrastructure nears decommissioning. With our expertise in project delivery reinforced by our experience across the decommissioning sector – including all aspects of verification, compliance and governance – we are trusted to deliver. We look forward to working together in this new collaboration.”


Managing Director at Centrica Storage, Greg McKenna said: “With 47/8A now shut in and no longer operational, this is the right time for us to decommission and remove the two bridge-linked platforms and associated infrastructure. We look forward to working closely with Babcock as we ensure the planning is in place ahead of decommissioning Rough safely and in an environmentally responsible way.”


The UK’s Oil and Gas authority has estimated that the decommissioning of North Sea infrastructure could cost £59.7billion. It has challenged the industry to complete the work for less than £39billion, commenting that “significant change” would be needed if the lower figure is to be achieved.


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