Babcock’s LGE business team up with Kongsberg Maritime and Latsco to develop world-class remote monitoring capability to support in-service fleet

Babcock’s LGE business, the world leader in liquefied gas solutions, is delighted to announce it has signed a Frame Agreement with Kongsberg Maritime to develop a remote monitoring solution, specifically for Babcock’s ecoSMRT® LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) reliquefaction system.

With growing global energy demand there is increasing pressure on LNG carrier owners and operators to have modern, efficient and reliable vessels that minimise cargo losses, while simultaneously reducing CO2 emissions. The remote monitoring solution under development by Babcock and Kongsberg will further enhance the already well-established Kongsberg Information Management System network and will focus on boosting the reliquefaction system feedback.

The innovative system will improve ecoSMRT®’s performance, reduce the risk of plant failures, and minimise the need for physical attendance on board the vessel.

As well as providing more detailed feedback on plant performance, Babcock’s LGE business is also developing a performance feedback element to this system, where data will be analysed by our in-house specialists and specific advice and performance improvements offered to a vessel.

This partnership provides vessel owners with increased support through analysis of ship-specific data to provide dedicated-support as required. The remote monitoring system, offered by Babcock, will ensure that owners and operators have all the required information to make informed operational and commercial decisions.

Business Development Manager for Babcock’s LGE business, Graeme McKinley, said: “We are delighted to team up with Kongsberg Maritime to develop this remote monitoring solution. As ecoSMRT® is the most efficient LNG Reliquefaction system on the market today, it is important to compliment that accolade with high reliability. The ecoSMRT® remote monitoring system will provide our ship owners with key information to allow them to maximise plant uptime, whilst ensuring the plant maintains the efficiency that they expect.”

He added: “We are very much looking forward to further developing this solution over the coming months and providing this important service to our customers’ in-operation vessels.”

Kongsberg Maritime Sales Director – Digital Solutions, Eirik Ågren said: “We welcome this opportunity to deepen our existing collaboration with Babcock’s LGE business, a world-leading provider of cargo handling and fuel gas supply systems for the liquefied gas markets. The addition of this remote monitoring functionality to the existing Kongsberg Information Management System network will force multiply the ecoSMRT® system’s benefits through more regular performance feedback while reducing manual overhead.”

The Frame Agreement has been established in conjunction with LNG Carrier Operator, Latsco LNG Marine Management (LLMM), who have Babcock’s ecoSMRT® technology installed and operating on their existing vessels.

Elias Karystios, Fleet Manager for LLMM said, “We are more than excited to work together with Babcock’s LGE Business and Kongsberg Maritime, world leading companies in the marine and gas sector, providing our own expertise and insights on gas management and the operation of LNG Carriers.

“We are confident that the final product, after completion of the development, will meet our expectations, which is to maximize usage and the efficiency of the plant at all essential operational conditions”. Visit Babcock’s LGE business at Gastech in September 5-8 in Milan on stand 15D02 and at to find out more about our liquefied gas solutions.