Sustainable Business

Sustainability is absolutely fundamental to de-risk the future.

It’s a key issue for nearly everyone who wants to join this Company, and it’s a key issue for our customers and our shareholders. So we need to think about sustainability at every stage of our work.

Social outreach is happening all the time to reduce the impact of our business and improve the positive. We’ve laid out our route to net zero by 2040 and set targets for inclusion and diversity. I’m proud that we now have senior women leading businesses and leading operational functions.

Sustainability is an integral part of our business

Sustainability is an integral part of our corporate strategy and how we do business and it underpins our corporate Purpose: to create a safe and secure world, together.

Our sustainability strategy will continue to evolve with the interests of our stakeholders, as well as those of the Company. This year we extended the materiality assessment to capture the views of some of our key stakeholder groups and ensure that our strategy evolves with their interests and needs, and aligns with our ESG priorities.

We have a number of programmes which support and make a valuable contribution to the UN SDGs and also support our ESG targets.

Our Business

We recognise that ESG is increasingly important to all our stakeholders, not least our people and our customers.


Estimated reduction in tCO2e emissions across the group from last year.*

c. 28,500


24.6 days

Average payment time across the group in the reporting period October 2021 to March 2022**

*Please see emissions table for detail, underlying assumptions and exclusions.

**Procurement methodology to calculate average payment days across the group has changed this year from an average to weighted average approach.  The average payment over the past six months to March is 24.6 days, versus 23.5 days last year. For reference, using last year’s methodology, the equivalent figures are 30.5 days over the past six months versus 29.6 days last year.